Registration Fees

Registration Fees cover admin for the year. 120 per family account.

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Satellite Classes

Tuition INCLUDES COSTUMES.  Students enrolled for the full school year will perform in the annual recital in late May or Early June.


(1) one combo class  $98 These are our preschool classes Ballet/Tap

(2) classes.  $120 These are for our Kinder-up classes that provide a combo Ballet/Tap

(3) classes $40.00 add on class

Students that enroll after the initial registration date will be asked to pay a catch-up costume fee, since monthly tuition includes costume fees.


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Recital Fee

Non refundable Per Family $120, not per student. Due at registration. Recital is held at the Jacksonville Center for the Performing Arts, Moran Theater.

Tickets sold through Ticketmaster. $25 orchestra 1/ $20 orchestra 2

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Custom Payment

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