Adult Classes

$15/Drop-in Class

$10/Class with 5-Class Card Purchase of $50

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Registration Fees

Registration Fees
1st Child $80
2nd Child $60
3rd Child $40
4th Child $20
5th Child $0

Sibling Discount 20% per Class

There is a 3% discount offered to those paying the entire season’s tuition in one transaction.

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Studio Tuition

Studio Monthly Tuition for Weekly Classes

(1) Class $70
(2) Classes $110
(3) Classes $130
(4) Classes $150
(5) Classes $170
(6) Classes $190
(7) Classes $210
(8) Classes $230
(9) Classes $250
(10)+ Classes $300

NEW: Costume fees are $80 per class. 50% of the costume fees are billed in September, and the remaining 50% of the costume fees are billed in November.

For Performance Team, costumes are included. Parents must purchase team uniform.

For Competition Team, costumes are not included. Parent must purchase costumes.

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Satellite Classes

80.00 All Preschool Classes

120.00 All Other Classes

Students that enroll after the initial registration date will be asked to pay a catch-up costume fee, since monthly tuition includes costume fees.

Bolles School, San Jose Episcopal and Riverside Presbyterian Day School students will remit tuition directly to their schools. Additional costume fees and recital fees are detailed under the location listing for each school.

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Recital Fee

Per Family $160

(6) Recital Tickets per Family

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Custom Payment

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