Please do not wear costumes to class. It distracts other dancers and confines certain floor exercises.

Comfortable clothing for both caregiver and baby.

T-shirt, shorts and black dance shoes.

Hair secured back, pink leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes.

Tucked in, solid white t-shirt, black bike shorts or black sweat pants and black dance shoes.

For modesty and comfort, a dancer’s legs must be covered. Please purchase convertible tights from a local dance shop. Dancewear is designed to allow students freedom of movement, while allowing a teacher to see the lines and musculature of the body. For these reasons simple styles are best. Please select dancewear with these goals in mind – to maximize freedom of movement and to minimize distractions.

Low bun, solid light pink leotard, pink convertible tights and pink ballet shoes. Ballet skirts with elastic waistbands may be worn. Ballet skirts that require tying are not acceptable.

Hair secured back, solid light pink or black leotard, pink or tan convertible tights and pink ballet shoes, tan tap shoes and tan jazz shoes. Ballet skirts with elastic waistbands may be worn. Ballet skirts that require tying are not acceptable. Dance pants are permitted during jazz and tap classes.

Hair secured back, solid black or navy leotard, pink or tan convertible tights, tan tap shoes and tan jazz shoes. Students may wear short shear ballet skirts of any color and any style. Cover-ups may not be worn during ballet class. Dance pants are permitted during jazz and tap classes.

Please select dancewear with these goals in mind – to maximize freedom of movement and to minimize distractions.


– Registration fee is due when enrolling in class(es).
– Tuition is due at the first of every month. A late fee of $15 will be billed to my account after the Tenth.
– Tuition is not transferable to the preceding or following month, or to another student. No Refunds will be made for missed classes. Classes may be made up during the season. Please email the office to ask for an appropriate class.
– Prorating is not allowed unless I or my child is a new student beginning in the middle of a month.
– Returned checks to Mazza-Smith Dance, Inc. due to insufficient funds or charge cards that are declined, will be required to cover the check or charge with a money order, cashier’s check, or cash plus a $35.00 returned check/declined charge fee, within 3 days of notification.
– A $160 recital fee is due on or before April 1st. This fee helps cover the cost of rehearsals, space rentals, staffing and production costs.

– Classes are not held on any day your Satellite school is closed. No make-up class will be issued for any regular school closings. Examples are Christmas, New Year’s, Easter and Spring Break.
– If Halloween falls on a weekday, evening classes held after 4:00 PM will not be in session.
– Studio classes will only close for major holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s, Spring Break, Easter and Labor Day.

– Costumes for satellite classes are included in the monthly tuition fee. Students that register after the initial date will be asked to pay a catch-up costume fee.
– Costumes for main studio classes are $80 per costume. 50% of the costume cost is billed in September. The remaining 50% is billed in November.
– Every student whose tuition/fees are paid up-to-date will have an opportunity to perform on stage and show family and friends how he or she has progressed through the year. There is a Recital Fee of $160 per family, which includes (6) tickets per family.
– Videotaping of performances in a theater showcase is strictly prohibited. This is to prevent obstruction and disturbance of the other audience members as well as compliance with the various theater regulations. A professional video company will tape the performances and make the DVD’s available for purchase.
– Performing Team Costumes are purchased and retained by Mazza-Smith Dance and dancers are permitted to use them throughout the Performing Team season. Performing Team members are responsible for keeping the costumes in good repair and will be responsible for the cost to repair or replace any damaged or missing costumes or accessories. Parents are also required to purchase a Team Uniform.
– Competition Team Costumes will be purchased and retained by parents. Competition Team fees vary according to the number of students in each piece and the time required for instruction and evaluation prior to competitions. These are detailed online under Tuition and Special Services.

– Instructors determine class placement, and dancers and parents should support their decisions and selection of class placements.
– In order for a dancer to be in a higher-level class, additional training may be necessary in the form of extra classes.

– It is important for every dancer to feel like a dancer while in class. Therefore proper dress code must be followed at all times. Please review the Dress Code details at mazzasmithdance.com.

– Students are allowed to bring water bottles and eat snacks outside of the dance room. No other food or liquids are allowed at the main dance studio.

– If a student withdraws after the school year begins, they will be charged and responsible for payment of tuition unless the director is notified in writing via email. Notification must be received before the 1st day of the month.
– If there are less than 4 students in a class we will drop the class to 30 minutes, since it’s considered a semi-private. The fee stays the same and the class is not canceled. Classes at 30 minutes will remain the same.

– Mazza-Smith Dance, Inc. is not responsible for lost personal items. At the studio, every first Monday of the month, items held for 30 days or more will be given to charity. At our satellite locations, we will bring any lost items to the facility’s lost and found.
– Dance education requires “hands-on” instruction as well as verbal instruction. Instructors will regularly correct dancers by touching their arms, legs, feet, hips, back and head to move them in the correct position. Instructors will also verbally correct dancers during class.

– For safety precautions students will be asked to remain in the lobby in the studio for a parent or guardian to pick them up. Students are asked not to leave the studio without a parent or guardian accompanying them outside. For our Satellite locations, students will be released to parents or taken to extended day. In the event there is not extended day, the instructor will stay with your child and parents will be responsible for paying the instructor $20 for every 15 minutes they are late.
– Observations are allowed in class during dancer’s first class. We will from time to time have parent invite day, usually in February and again in May. Thereafter at no time are observers to enter the classroom, as this action will interrupt the class.
– Any questions or concerns regarding the policies or decisions made by the artistic director or any staff member should be addressed directly to the office via a personal appointment with that person should be requested. We ask that you address the issue as it affects you or your child individually and privately by contacting the director via email.
– A positive attitude and continued support is necessary in order for any dancer to – The Artistic Director and Instructors of Mazza-Smith Dance, Inc. will discuss only yours or your child’s progress and not other student’s progress. Do not compare your child to other dancers and always be supportive and nurturing to the development of dance.
– Mazza-Smith Dance, Inc. reserves the right to refuse services to any person who does not support the policies and decisions set forth.