Jessica Danielle Haley

WOW…what can I say about Mazza-Smith Dance Studio!??? What I love most about this wonderful studio, in addition to the awesome dance instructors and routines we learned, is the amazing family atmosphere and warm environment that Ms. Sherri, Ms. Shannon, and Ms. Mazza created for the students and their families┬á┬áNot only did I develop a great foundation and passion for dance at the studio, but being there for 13 years also allowed me to learn a lot about consistent teamwork, friendship, and hard work that has carried me throughout every endeavor of my life. I even remember a few years when they got the parents involved in the final dance number at the recitals, and my awesome dad happily participated when my mom was ill! This example alone illustrates how much the instructors care about family involvement and wholesomeness when it comes to their students, and developing them as well-rounded individuals. THANK YOU, Mazza-Smith, for giving me some of the BEST dances, costumes, friendships, pictures, and memories of my childhood and life! You’ll always have a special place in my heart