Information about Mazza-Smith Dance Fees

1. What am I getting for my Tuition? Not only does Mazza-Smith pick up the children for class, we assist with getting the children ready for class (pm only) and deliver them to extended day after class (if your school provides and you are using the service) or you just come later to pick your child up from a regular school day. We begin most classes right after the bell rings for school dismissal. Our parents are not spending valuable time taking off work to get to class, waiting during class, or spending GAS to drive to class.

2. Is tuition paid monthly or yearly With most studios it’s monthly. Mazza-Smith lets you choose. Pay in full or divide into easy monthly payments.  Our fees are ALL INCLUSIVE. Those that pay in full receive 3% off.

3. Do you charge a registration fee and why? Mazza-Smith charges an administrative fee. This is to reserve your child’s placement in class and for administrative costs to keep your account active. We charge a reasonable $120 per FAMILY ACCOUNT when registering for classes.

4. Are there any other fees? Costumes are INCLUDED in tuition. The recital fee is $120 per family and covers the many aspects of putting on a production.

5. How many months does your program run? Mazza-Smith Dance begins classes at the main studio in Neptune Beach in August. Satellite school dance classes begin in September to allow students (and parents) time to adjust to the new school season. Mazza-Smith Dance typically hosts the recital in May.

6. Is there a discount for Siblings? Yes, classes for siblings are at a 50% discount.

7. Do I have to sign a contract? No.