How We Share Dance With Your Child

Parents Primer
How We Share Dance With Your Child

Dance education is a creative adventure in self-expression!
As a parent, you provide dance education for your child hoping to give them an experience, which will enrich their lives on several levels.

*You want your child to develop coordination, grace and physical fitness.
*You want your child to stimulate his/her creative side and to develop self-expression.
*You want your child to build Self-esteem, confidence and to feel at home in their body so growing up is easier.
*You want your child to build a lifelong appreciation for music, dance and the arts.
*And most importantly, you want your child to be engaged in an activity that is healthy and very very FUN!

…and the goal of all our classes is to provide them with all of this.

Our classes are designed to make dance a very special experience. Care is given to every detail, from the manner we address your children to the creativity of our program. You can be assured your child is getting a solid dance education and learning to love dance at the same time.

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“It’s So Much More Than Dance!”