Dear Parent,

This letter is to provide you with information concerning pointe shoes. Pointe is merely ballet training which is raised from the level of three-quarter releve’ ( up on the balls of the feet), to full extension on the tops of the toes. This level change is aided by the use of special shoes, most commonly known as Pointe Shoes.

The construction of the Pointe shoe is designed to support the foot, making this endeavor safe and more comfortable than it would be without the shoe, though Pointe work is anything but comfortable in the beginning. The shoe is made of cardboard, fiberglass, and reed, so it is much more difficult and cumbersome to work in. This is why early introduction is so beneficial, so that students understand just how strong their feet will need to be. The fit of the shoe should be like that of an ace bandage: tight enough to support, but not so tight as to constrict, and not so loose as to provide no protective support.

Please do not sew elastics or ribbon until the instructor has checked the shoes you have purchased. Shoes cannot be returned if they are worn or soiled.

The first level of training begins at the barre. This serves as a first hand introduction to the shoe, and sets the stage for the level of work necessary for more advanced Pointe work. The students first year experience will be limited to wearing their shoes for the last 15 or 10 minutes of class doing barre strengthening and preparatory exercises. although many parents are concerned about Pointe work for their children, there is no need in this instance for the work is supported by the barre. Children under the age of 9 are not allowed to begin pointe work and more commonly begin around age 10 or more. Beginning students will gradually work on elementary center work but will not perform in their pointe shoes.

Students who are more on the advanced level of training will work in the center in addition to barre work and will perform in pointe shoes.

Pointe work is not for everyone. It is only for students who are dedicated to their ballet training .and this also requires taking more than one ballet class. We will not allow students to begin Pointe work until we feel they are strong enough and technically ready.

We hope you find this information useful!