Community Outreach

Each year in conjunction with our annual Recital, the Mazza Smith Studio combines the show with a community service project that compliments the recital theme. Once we decide on our service project, our dancers learn about people in need and how we can help.

So far the Mazza Smith Studio Dancers and their families have made the following contributions to the Jacksonville area:

2006 Recital “Recommended Reading”- donated over 100 books to Mayor Payton’s Rally Jacksonville Early Literacy campaign

2007 Recital “Wish” – raised over $1,900.00 to grant a child’s wish through the Make a Wish foundation.

2008 Recital “the Land of Make Believe” resulted in the donations of two wagon loads of crayons and coloring books to the Child Life Program at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. The program cover was designed by one of our dancers who entered the in-house contest. The art contest was judged by the children at the hospital.

2009 Recital “A La Carte” – This year we were happy to help our local families in need at the local Food Bank.

2010 Recital “If we could talk to the animals” – Happy to help our Shelter Animals in need.

We are very proud of our dancers and we thank our dance parents for their support!

Mazza Smith Studio truly believes that “It’s so much more than dance!”