Team Mission

  • To provide quality dance education in a positive learning environment
  • To provide additional opportunities for students to perform and compete
  • To provide a fair, reasonable and consistent team environment
  • To partner with students and parents to achieve our goals

Team placement will be determined by the director and based on age and ability.

Team promotes a positive environment for all dancers and requires 100% commitment from the studio, students, parents and staff.

Dancers must be sure they are able to commit to all rehearsals, competitions and all other requirements outlined in the handbook prior to accepting a position as a team dancer or parent.

We are happy to discuss issues and work with dancers and parents regarding any questions or concerns that arise.

Faculty members are unable to take time away from scheduled classes/rehearsals to discuss individual matters. Please direct all inquiries via email to the director Sherri Mazza. 

The choreographer for each dance and the director will choose the participants for each routine. Many factors go into these decision, including but not limited to: overall concept of the dance and the dancer’s ability to relate, the dancers overall technical ability and strengths, the dancers ability to adapt, the dancer’s communication, respectfulness, drive, determination, attitude, performance level, emotional maturity and overall age range of the dancers. The choreographer will construct each piece based on their creativity, ideas and music choices.

Placement for Performance and Competition Teams

Placements are based on level, age and potential. Attendance of all classes and rehearsals is mandatory, unless otherwise notified. Frequent student absences may result in suspension or removal from the team.  The director reserves the right to remove the dancer from a portion of the choreography, remove the dancer from that particular dance or remove the dancer from team.

If a student must miss a class due to illness or other emergency, it is the parents responsibility to notify the director and instructor. If a student becomes injured, team members must attend all scheduled classes and rehearsals as an observer. It is mandatory for students to attend class and rehearsals during the week preceding any competition or performance. If a dancer misses rehearsal, the dancer will be asked to schedule time, at the dancer’s cost, with the instructor to learn the choreography.

Team Attire and Classes                                               

Costumes will be purchased and retained by Mazza-Smith Dance. Students will be permitted to use costumes during the season and will be responsible for any missing or damaged costumes or accessories.

Parents must purchase the uniform, which will consist of a  black leotard, black leggings and black dance shoes. 

Competition Entry Fees                                                      

Members of the competition team are required to attend scheduled competitions as presented. Competition entry fees will be invoiced to your account within 10 days of the due date.

Financial Responsibility                                            

Team dues are billed to your account each month. Please be advised there will be no refunds, credits or prorated amounts. If a dancer decides to drop from team, his or her account will be subject to a drop fee to cover a portion of the costumes, accessories or props already purchased and time required for changing the choreography and staging. Please consider and review all information and fees carefully.

Rehearsal Fees/Private Fees  

Extra Rehearsal Fees/Private Fees are paid to Mazza-Smith Dance in addition to your regular monthly tuition. All competition (not Performance Team) dancers, who have an assigned rehearsal time slot or private slot will pay the designated rehearsal/private fee. Family discounts do not apply to private fee/rehearsal fee. If your dancer has to miss his or her rehearsal time/private time, we may not be able to reschedule. If the instructor has to cancel for any reason, the director will provide a make up class/rehearsal based on the dancer/teacher schedule.

Communication Policy 

We make every effort to keep all parents well-informed regarding all issues of the competition team. Our primary source or communication is  email.

Email is often the most efficient way to discuss issues with Team. This allows private and thoughtful response without interruption and disclosure.

Master Classes   

Periodically throughout the dance year, the Studio will host Master Classes for our dancers.  It is strongly recommended for all dancers to attend these classes.  Generally the fees for these classes range from $10 – $100.  All Master Classes hosted by the Studio are offered for the greater diversity in dance experience and education.


Fundraisers will be done throughout the year to help families pay for the costs of competitive dancing. Families are strongly encouraged to participate in these fundraisers. Any monies earned from fundraisers will be applied to your fundraising account and will be used as needed toward competition entry fees.

Parental Support

Parental support is important both inside and outside the studio. Your help at home with positive vibes will be in the best interest of your dancer as well as the team as a whole. Please do not start, listen to or repeat any gossip or small talk.

Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.

It is CRITICAL to keep the energy high and positive inside and outside of our studio walls.

Trophies and Monetary Awards

Physical and monetary awards given to dancers who perform at any and all competitions are the property of Mazza-Smith Dance. It will be at the studio director’s discretion as to if and when trophies become the property of the dancer.